RAAus Election

RAAus Members,

In the past I have freely offered my view on candidates for RAAus elections and in keeping with that “tradition” I would like to offer you my thoughts on the 2020 election.

We have four candidates for two seats on the Board. All are of a high standard which is encouraging to see.

Clearly, my first preference is for our present Chair of the Board, Mick Monck to be returned for one more term. Mick worked hard with us back in 2012 to pull RAAus out of the quagmire it had descended into and has been the person who has done the most since then to manage the turnaround. WE have a not perfect but much more professional RAAus now that at any time in the past. Mick has built up relationships at the highest levels in Australian Aviation administration from the Ministers Office on down.

My second vote will be gong to Danni Maynard. She has an interesting mix of skills and will work to enhance  our safety in the air. She is a Canberra resident and the advantage there is less travel costs for RAAus and better chance to get to know the RAAus business in detail. She is used to working at high levels within the Canberra government bubble.

The other two candidates have strong aviation experience mainly from the *military*. They are also Canberra residents.

Still, my strong inclination is that Danni will bring some welcome diversity to the Board so we don’t look quite so much like an old mens shed.

Please do take the time to vote.



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