Basic Rules of Membership


To ensure the Club’s tenure at Cessnock Airport, there are rules that must be observed. 

We operate under three official Authorities. 

CASA is the overseeing body and we are bound by their Civil Aviation Orders (CAO’s) for general and recreational aviation. In particular, CAO’s 95.10, 95.32, and 95.55 relate to the recreational aircraft that we fly. The CAO’s can be found on the CASA website,

RA-Aus also has rules in their operations manual regarding: 

  • Ultralight Aircraft Operations, Airfield Control – Section 4.01 
  • Accident and Incident Reporting – Section 4.08 
  • Accident and Incident Report Forms are on the Clubhouse noticeboard.

The operations manual can be found on the RA-Aus website: 

Cessnock City Council publishes a document called the Cessnock Airport Operational Policy and User Guidelines. There is a copy in the Clubhouse. 

This contains important information on: 

  • Fly Neighbourly Policy in Section 3 
  • Airport Data in Section 4 
  • General Aviation Operations and Requirements for Aircraft in Section 5 & 6 
  • Emergency Contact Numbers in Section 15 

HRFC also has some rules to promote harmony within the membership. 

In the Clubhouse:

If you have used the facilities, please: 

  • Wash up and put away kitchen crockery and cutlery. 
  • Clean bathroom and toilet items. 
  • Use the money tin in the fridge to purchase soft drinks, tea and coffee. 
  • Make sure doors and windows are closed and locked before leaving. 
  • Lights, fans and air conditioner are turned off. 

In the hangars: 

  • Ensure that hangars are locked if unattended. Even if you are only going for a short flight. 

On the site: 

  • Gates to the hangar area must be kept locked at all times. 
  • No dumping on site. 
  • All used engine oils, fluids, filters and maintenance materials are to be removed from the property. 

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