Membership Application Process

Membership Application Process (Revised August 2014) 

  • Applicant completes the application form and accepts the basic rules of membership 
  • Applicant must be nominated by a current financial full member 
  • Nomination must be seconded by another current financial full member 
  • Applicant pays the applicable membership fee 
  • Committee grants provisional membership and the application is placed on the noticeboard for a three month period. 
  • Members have three months to lodge objections. 

If an objection is received during the probationary period, the committee will review the basis for the objection. Once the review has been carried out, the committee may elect to:  

  • Recommend to the General meeting that the probationary period be terminated and that the application be rejected or disregard the objection as frivolous and continue the probation period. 
  • Extend the probation period. 

If there are no objections or if the objections are disregarded by the committee:

  • The applicant will granted full membership status at the end of the probationary period. 

If for any reason, an application is rejected during the probationary period:

  • Any membership fees paid by the applicant will be refunded in full. 


During the period of provisional membership, the applicant is entitled to: 

  • Attend Club meetings and participate in all discussions. 
  • Have access to Club facilities. 
  • Conduct their recreational aviation activities from the Club (in line with Club Rules, Airport Rules and all Appropriate Regulations). 
  • Rent available hangar space from the relevant hangar owner. 

During the period of provisional membership, the applicant is NOT entitled to: 

  • Vote on matters arising at Club meetings. 
  • Hold a position on the committee. 
  • Nominate or second a new membership application. 
  • Purchase a share in a hangar syndicate. 


*As new members are not permitted to purchase a hangar share until full membership has been granted, it may be possible to negotiate a rental agreement with the hangar owner in which part or all of the rent paid could be deducted from the purchase price once full member status has been granted. Any such agreement would need the approval of both the hangar syndicate members and the Club’s Executive Committee. 

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