When are club meetings held?

Club meetings are held on the second Sunday of each month at 1 pm. Exceptions are January when there is no meeting and May when the meeting is held on the first Sunday to avoid Mother’s Day. The meetings follow a BBQ lunch at 12 noon and all visitors are welcome

Joining the Club?

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Fees and Charges here

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The Joining fee for new “Full” members is $75.00 in addition to a pro rata Annual Subscription. Joining Fee does not apply to Social / Junior Membership

Full membership: (Annual Subscription) $125.00

Junior membership: (Student or under 18 years) $25 per annum

Social membership: $25 per annum

Do I have to be a pilot to join?

No, membership consists of Pilots, Student Pilots, Maintainers, Aircraft Builders, Social Members & Others that just like aeroplanes

Are there Aircraft Syndicates within the group?

Yes, speak with President or Secretary

How are Hangars Managed?

The hangars are owned by club members. There are 8 large hangars each designed to hold 6 recreational aircraft. The hangar is usually owned by several members with each one allocated a space. Agreements have been drawn up detailing the responsibilities of each member.

Hangar shares become available for purchase from time to time.

Is there a Flight Training School?

Yes. RA-Aus training, endorsements, TIF’s etc are available at Recreational Aviation Newcastle.

Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) is Keith McGeachie Mobile: 0418 684 131

Are Visitors Welcome?

Of course. There is a monthly meeting and BBQ. All are welcome.

Hunter Recreational Flying Club Inc.