RAAus Board Election

As RAAus Members would know, the voting for the Board this time is online. It is very easy and quick. Just click on the link from the email from Vero and tick away.

I have just voted and was surprised just how quick and easy it was. No more sealed envelops and votes invalidated because they lack some detail.

I have voted for Luke Bayly and Simon Ozanne. I have not voted for my old mate Rod Birrell because I would like to see a younger, more progressive Board. Rod has spent more time on the Board than it would be fair to ask anyone and I really think he needs to hand over the keys to the new boys.
Luke has Board experience and Simon looks promising.

I am not telling anyone how they must vote but I am asking that you do please vote. With Covid it is possible that voting for the RAAus Board is not at the top of your to do list and it is possible voting numbers will be low.

No question it has never been easier to cast your vote. Please do.

Don Ramsay

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