Werner’s RV 12

VH – WKU is right now in hangar 5, waiting for permission to fly, C of A that is. Shortly it will start ground and taxi trials, followed by 1st flight and test flying schedule.

Building started in the north of Sydney back in 2014 and finished in October 2019 with airplane transport to YCNK hangar 5.

WKU is day VFR only and will be delightful to fly, as is the design concept of Vans RV 12

Avionics include Dynon Skyview 1000 with Autopilot and Garmin GTR 200 Coms radio with intercom.

Engine is the trusted 100 HP Rotax 912 ULS-2.


Gross weight                 1320 lbs           599 KG

Top speed

Cruise 5500 @ 7500      120 KTS

Range nil reserve          483 Nm

Cruise 5000 @ 7500      105 KTS

Range nil reserve          533 Nm

Stall flaps down Vso       41 KTS

Stall clean         Vs        45 KTS

Fuel capacity                 20 USG             75 LTS

Unusable fuel               4 USG

Fuel types                     100 LL / 91 UL

Max engine power        100 HP @ 5800 rpm

Wing loading @1320 lbs            10.4 lbs/sq. ft

Power loading @1320 lbs          13.2 lbs/hp

Ext. dimensions             span     26’ 9”               length  19’ 11”             height  8’ 4”     cabin width  43”

Wing area                     127 sq. ftWe

UPDATE: March 6th 2020

G’day aviators,

Good Friday here, as my RV-12 CoA phase 1 was approved today by Dave Tennant. Now the bird is ‘legal’ for airborne movement, after some Ground testing of course.

BIG Thanks for your support, specially Eddie and Peter K, when the chips were down.

Sunny weekend to all.