Ben’s Sonerai project

Ben’s Sonerai:

Sonerai IILT 19-8779 (ex VH-OOF) is a 2 seat homebuilt constructed by Kevin Wintergreen in WA powered by 80hp Jabiru 2.2 (but can be easily converted to tail dragger), all up empty weight is 262kg and MTOW is 520kg. It’s an older rag tube design with alloy wings, although its technically rated for aerobatics, RAA registration does not permit aerobatic manoeuvres. Payload is limited more by the CoG range rather than the MTOW. It has standard VFR panel with standard Jabiru instruments an Icom radio, ELT and additional 4 channel CHT/EGT engine monitor. Also has an extinguisher CO and smoke detector. The pilot sits in the rear seat to help balance the weight of the engine, the pax pretty much sits on the CofG but space is pretty small, kids and tiny adults only. HRFC has been great support during the long rebuild time (~10yrs) lots of helpful technical advice and moral support! Close to final inspection, hopefully flying in 2020.

Ben’s Sonerai Project