Members Update 060122

Just a couple of points to keep members up to date with what is happening at the Airport:
  • Next HRFC Club Meeting is scheduled for Feb 13th. As we have not had a face-to-face meeting of the general membership or an AGM since 2019, it is important that we really need this one to go ahead if possible. If there are any further changes you will be advised. Apart from the all-important election of offices, there are a couple of other points that need to be addressed at the AGM including a vote on the proposed changes to the constitution – copies of the proposed changes have been distributed for review previously but if you have not received them or or require another copy, just let me know.
  • Runway closed to fixed wing aircraft February 1st to February 8th: Don’t forget to keep a close watch for NOTAMS concerning changes to the planned works on the airport and any variations to ground operations that may occur because of the proposed works. The Council’s Airport Upgrade Schedule and timetable is still available on the Club website under the “News” tab.
  • HRFC Hangar shares for sale: There are currently two hangar shares available for sale at the  club facilities. A 1/6 share in hangars one and eight. Members interested should contact Don Ramsay for details and pricing (H8) or Keith Lucas (H1). Contact numbers can be found on the website under the “For sale” / “Classified” tabs.
  • Weather Camera re alignment: Members may have noticed that the club’s weather cameras are not showing the windsock. We are aware of the problem and will have it rectified ASAP. Apparently, the Northeast facing camera was bumped out of alignment and the windsock shot is taken from that view. Once we can get someone with a long ladder (and nerves of steel) back up on the roof to rectify it, we will.

That is about it for now but don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions

Thanks & Regards
Bob Finch
Club President
Ph  0428 767 279