7th March 2020

Hello Members,

A few points that you may be interested in before the meeting tomorow.
  • New Website: The new club website is now up and running on the original domain name (https//:www.hunterflyers.com.au) thanks to a lot of work by Geoff Eather. So, please use it and provide any feedback either positive or negative so that we can fine tune it if needed. You may have noticed in the last few day our weather cameras were down as a result of the transition to a new website host. However, they are back up and running now and have been reinstated on OzRunways thanks to the assistance fron Leighton Judd and Brian Cavanah, they have been a great help. There are several new features on the new site including:
    •  Online membership application form.
    •  The ability to pay club fees by PayPal etc. NOTE In order to recover the fees charged by the service provider, a premium of aproximately 2% will be automatcaly applied to any Credit Card/PayPal transaction..
    • There is a “Forum” section where users can submit a post or respond to other users posts. However, all posts will be vetted by a moderator before being published and ground rules will apply. Any post that is considered to be of a negative nature, deroatory, offensive, or not in line with the Club’s Vision, Mission & Objectives will not be published. Please use it but just try to keep the content relevant.
    • In order to place an entry into the “For Sale” or “Member’s Project” sections, simply use the email facility that can be found in the “Contact” section and an editor will take care of it for you.
    • When signing onto the site, visitors will be asked to create an account in order to receive notifications, There is no cost for this it just means that you will receive a notification when a new news item or post has been published. We reccomend that Club members take advantage of this service and if you do, a bell shaped icon in the bottom right corner of the screen will allow you to simply switch the service on or off at your will.

We would like the website to become a main form of Club communication so please familiarise yourself with its features and make the best of it.  Please keep the content relevant to Club matters and positive. Any problems or consernes with the site or its user should be referred to me for resolution or assistance. We have tried without success to break it prior to going live but I am sure that someone will find a bug or two.

  • Fire Extinguishers: You may recall that we were advised following the last fire extinguisher inspection, that our extinguishers were all out of time and in need of pressure testing. It was agreed at the time that we would purchase new exchange units. This has now been done and the Club has received and paid an invoice for about $3.3k. This cost will be divided proportionaly between the Club and Hangar Syndictes based on the number and type of extinguishers in each location. Hangar Reps. can expect to receive advice re their contribution some time next week.
  • Newcastle & District Vintage & Classic Car Club: As mentioned at our last meeting, the Newcastle & District Vintage & Classic Car Club have asked that we again host them for a BBQ Lunch and general inspection of Member’s aircraft as part of their annual regional event in June. I have advised them that we will do that and it will be on Sunday the 7th June following their visit to the Wirraway Aviation Museum. So be warned, we will be looking for volunteers for the day as they expect up to 130 to attend, We will be advised of final numbers in early May.
Enough for now – see you all at the meeting tomorow.
Bob Finch
Club President
Ph  0428 767 279