6th February 2021


Hello Members,

This is just a reminder to all members that at the last general meeting (November 2020) a decision was made to trial a revised format at the first meeting in 2021. The change is to reschedule the BBQ lunch to 12 noon with the meeting to follow at 1pm. The reasoning behind the proposed change was to provide members with more time for a morning fly, return by noon for lunch and then hold the meeting at 1pm. This will simply be a trial run and a decision is to be made at the meeting to either continue with the revised schedule or to revert back to the previous 11am meeting with BBQ at noon.

It was also proposed that a vote be taken at this meeting to gauge member’s thoughts on reducing the number of general meetings per year. Pre Covid-19 , we have always held monthly meetings except in January but a few members have suggested that every second month may be preferable.
What do you think?
Please try to attend the meeting on Sunday 14th February to debate and to cast your vote on these two points. However, if you have an opinion either way but can’t make it to the meeting, you may like to drop us a note because I think that it is important that all members be given the opportunity to have input to any such changes.
Well that is it – I hope to see you at lunch on the 14th.
Thanks and Regards
Bob Finch
Club President
Ph  0428 767 279