31st July 2020

Hello Members,

Well, with the further tightening of the Covid restrictions we will be further postponing the next face to face meeting. At this stage it is intended that we will try to reinstate the regular meetings in September and this includes moving the Annual General Meeting to the second Sunday in September as well. Naturally, we will need to continue to monitor the situation and this plan may change yet again. Who knows?

Although it is our normal practice to hold the AGM in August, we do have six months from the end of the financial year (30th June) to hold that meeting so this one month delay will not mean that we will miss our deadline. Don’t forget that we can still communicate so don’t hesitate to phone, text, email or make contact through the website if you have anything to discuss or report. All of our committee members are willing to assist in any way that they can.

Now for the good news:

  • Club Poker Run:

Some of our members have offered to organize another club Poker Run on the first Saturday in December this year (December 5th). Naturally, this too could be subject to Covid restrictions but at this point let’s be positive. I have attached a flyer that sets out the basics. The format will be similar to the previous Poker Run that we held in 2017 in that participants will fly to various local strips to collect random playing cards in sealed envelopes and on return to the club, the winner will be the entrant with the best poker hand. There will; be other secondary prizes and a trophy for the pilot of the winning aircraft. Detailed rules will be made available closer to the date. So, keep Saturday 5th December free and register to participate by November 15th.The entry fee of $20 per entrant will be payable on the day and covers the BBQ lunch. Multiple entries will be accepted and both pilots and passengers are eligible to enter.


  • Check this out:

Qld News announced that the weather radar would likely show false rain bands due to the RAAF conducting training off the Qld Coast.

The rain shown is metallic chaff released to defend an aircraft from heat seeking missiles. It blows around and upsets the radar images. Not sure what it would do to an aircraft that flies through it though !!!



Bob Finch

Club President

Ph  0428 767 279