27th April 2021

The HRFC “Kookaburra” Trip Departs Cessnock Today 27th Apr.

A group of HRFC Member’s in four aircraft has departed Cessnock at a little after 9am this morning to re trace the ill fated 1929 flight of the  Westland Widgeon “Kookaburra” that made a forced landing in the Tanami Desert resulting in the loss of both onboard. The history of the original flight makes interesting reading and anyone wanting to know more about that original trip and the current re-enactment, can do so and follow the current flight by using the links below. These links were kindly provided by Leighton Judd.

For some more information and links, have a look here:
If you would like to follow our track for each day, this link should show you the last 12 hours of our flight track.