26th April 2020

Hello Members,
Well I hope that everyone is enjoying their isolation!

May Meeting: Still no general meeting scheduled for May but we will continue to hold regular Committee Meetings via Zoom, so if you haveanything that you would like the committee to consider, just let me (or any of the committee members) know and we will make sure that it is on the agenda.

Paul Bennet Airshow: For those that are looking for something other that reruns on TV, don’t forget that in my last update, I included an invitation from Paul Bennet Air Shows to watch a four hour Air Show to be live streamed next Saturday commencing at 10am. I included a link to purchase a $10 live stream viewing pass on our website and I will include the link again at the end of this email.

Club & Hangar Insurance: Hangar Keeper’s insurance and Clubhouse Insurance has been renewed and Hangar Reps. advised of their Syndicate’s contributions. There has been a significant increase (14.6%) in premiums this year and as a result, we have attempted to seek alternative quotes. However, due to the short notce from the current provider, others were unable to meet the deadline so we have had no alternatve but to accept the PSB offer again this year. We do have another broker on notice for the 2021 – 2022 year though, in the hope that we can arrange a better deal next time around.

Membership Renewal: Just a reminder that ALL membership renewals are due by June 30th. I will send out further reminders as the time draws closer.

Like to own a share in a Tiger Moth?: Paul Hamilton and Mark Jones are investigating the purchase and operation of a Tiger Moth to be based at Cessnock. They would like to include a 3rd member and would be interested to hear from any of our club members that might have an interest in this. Please contact Mark (0409 902 451) or Paul (0407 250 134) for more information.

Thought for the day: “You can always go around”. Put your speakers on and check out the attachment.,.Thanks Greg Doyle.


Don’t forget your Air Show Live Stream Pass!