25th March 2020

Hi Members,
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic (Coronavirus), it has become obvious that our April meeting and most likely the May meeting too will be cancelled. We will keep members abreast of any changes through both email and the website but at this stage the April meeting will not go ahead. We have video conferencing facilities in place to ensure that the committee can still meet as and when necessary but there will be no general meetings until further notice. Members are still welcome to use the Club facilities so long as sensible adherence to current health and safety guidelines are followed. The club will provide basic instructions at the entry to the clubhouse for everyone entering and for more detailed information, here is a link to the Australian Government Health Website – please use it:


At this stage, the airport is still operational so my understanding is that members can still carry out aircraft, hangar and ground maintenance or fly. However, we have been asked by CCC if we have surplus hangar space where we may be able to house additional aircraft if the Airport has to go into total lockdown and while writing this note, I just received the attached advice from the Hunter Valley Visitor Centre setting out changes to their operations.

So, let’s hope that we soon see some improvement in the situation and that things take a turn for the better..
I will try to keep you up to date on any relevant changes.

Thanks and keep well.
Bob Finch

Club President
Ph 0428 767 279