24th May 2021

Hello Members,

At our May meeting, there were a few points raised that should be of interest to all members so please read the following and let me know if you require any further information.
  • New Hangar Licences: Finally, we have reached a point where we are satisfied with the terms and conditions agreed by Council for our Hangar and Clubhouse licences and are prepared to sign the documents for those due for renewal.
  • New Hangars: Most members will be aware that our attempts to proceed with the construction of Hangars 9 & 10 had stalled on several occasions over the past several years due to terms and conditions that Council was imposing on the project and that we could not accept. Fortunately, in this last round of negotiations we have been able to gain Council approval to proceed with these additional hangars under the same terms and conditions as agreed for the new licences for the existing hangars. This means that the Club is now seeking expressions of interest from any members that may like to form / join a syndicate to bring this project to life. If you are interested, please let me know ASAP as it is important that we act quickly once the new documentation is in place.
  • June Meeting Date: You will recall that in my last update, I mentioned that it may be necessary to change the date of our June Meeting due to the Queen’s Birthday long weekend and a visit planned by the Newcastle District Vintage & Classic Car Club on our regular meeting date. At the May meeting, a decision was made to bring the June meeting forward to the 1st Sunday of the month (June 6th). This has been updated on the Club website.
  • Membership Renewals: This is a reminder that ALL HRFC memberships fall due for renewal by the end of June each year and so it will be appreciated if you can submit your renewal prior to June 30th. Subscriptions for this coming financial year have not changed and remain at $100 (Full member), $25 (Social members and junior members under 18). Payment can be made by EFT using the following bank details, PayPal (Via the Club’s website) or of course by cash or cheque to the Treasurer.
  • Club Website: Although we are seeing a good number of hits on our website, we would like to see more members using it and registering for notifications. The number of notifications are minimal and are only sent when there has been an update to forums or news articles. I believe that most if not all members have now been registered as subscribers however, you need to ensure that notifications have been switched on via the red bell shaped icon in the bottom right corner of the home page. You can use this icon to both switch notices on or off at your discretion. If you are not receiving them, please try it out. Here is a link to the site: https://hunterflyers.com.au/
  • Car Club visit this coming Sunday: Members are reminded that we will be hosting a breakfast for the visiting Z Car Club Sydney this coming Sunday commencing at 8.30am. We expect about 20 visitors and about half have expressed a wish to have a short flight. So, if you would like to be a part of it, take a look and have a chat with them about their cars and about aircraft – maybe take one or two up for a brief flight then please join us.
  • Covid-19 Compliance & other safety matters: It was raised again last week that some members and or their guests are still entering the Club area without either signing the Covid book or scanning the Covid QR Code. As I mentioned previously, whether we are entering the Clubhouse or simply visiting a hangar it is mandatory that we register our attendance on every visit as the Club has a responsibility to enforce all aspects of its Covid Safety Plan. It has also been brought to my attention  and to Keith McGeachies, by Tony Allan (Airport Coordinator) that aircraft from our hangars have been observed taxiing directly to the runway and taking off from the intersection. Although that practice may not be illegal, it does not show good airmanship and the practice needs to be stopped. Tony was concerned too that engine run-ups may not have been carried out and that is dangerous practice. He also advised that cameras with motion detection will soon be installed around the airport and all aircraft movements monitored. So, please try to do the right thing as poor practices by an individual pilot can reflect poorly on the club as a whole.

Well I think that is quite enough for today so I will sign off and go watch some TV.

Thanks & Regards
Bob Finch
Club President
Ph  0428 767 279