20th March 2020

Yet another Cancellation: Just a few days ago we agreed on a date with CASA for the next AvSafety Seminar  but today we were advised by email that all such seminars have been cancelled as a result of Government restrictions placed on group gatherings due to the Corona Virus. CASA has indicated that they will try to re schedule the event once the situation returns to normal. This follows the advice received yesterday that the Newcastle District Vintage and Classic Car Club have had to cancel their  “Half Way Rally” scheduled for June which would have included a lunch visit to HRFC.

I have updated the website calendar with CANCELATION and POSTPONED notices against each effected event and I will remove the CASA AvSafety Seminar entry from the “Aeroclub” website.

Hey, how about some positives that I can report – This is becoming quite depressing!