12th March 2020

Weather Cameras: You may have noticed that our weather cameras have not been cooperating in the last couple of days but be assured that they will be back in business and reliable as soon as practical. I have asked for a status report and  have just received the following advice from Brian Cavanagh. I think that it is self explanatory and thanks Brian for your prompt response.

Bob Finch

Hi All
Leighton has given me a update on what has happened. Our internet access point located at the far end of our radio link failed after a power reset , It had been powered down to install a surge diverter on the entire computer and network systems.The transmitter was repointed to the backup access point but it is proving to be a little unreliable in the current WX . Its further away. A replacement access point is being sourced and will be installed as soon as possible. We believe the failure to be related to the last lightning strike ,with the damage only coming to light after the most recent power reset .We have certainly had our share of Murphy’s shenanigans. To be sure to be sure.. smooth air after this…..
Regards Brian