10th July 2020

Hello Members,
In my last “Update” dated 22nd June, I indicated that we had planned to resume our regular monthly Club Meetings in July. However, after consultation with our Executive Committee Members, it has been decided not to reinstate the meeting calendar just yet and instead, the committee will meet some time in the next week. The committee will discuss the proposed changes to the Club’s Constitution which will be submitted to the General Membership ahead of the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM is still planned to go ahead at the usual scheduled date (Second Sunday) in August.
We agreed that in the current uncertain Covid 19 climate and considering the age of a large portion of our membership which places them in the high risk category, delaying the face to face meeting recommencement date for another month was the most responsible action to take.
Please remember that not having a face to face meeting does not prevent the general membership from having their input into the running of the club. If you want to submit input on any club matters, our committee members are quite happy to accept and deal with any correspondence received whether by phone, email, via the website or even by snail mail. Your input is important.

Thanks & Regards
Bob Finch

Club President
Ph 0428 767 279