10th July 2020

Just a quick update to advise HRFC Members and other aviators that from August, aviation medicals will be available at the Cessnock Airport. Below I have copied an email received from Dr Jeremy Robertson advising of the service.

“Hello fellow aviators,
I am an aviation medical examiner based in Sydney, but from August onwards I will also be available on site at Cessnock Airport to perform aviation medicals. 
Prior to becoming a DAME I worked as a commercial pilot for twelve years, and still fly regularly. You might find we spend more time talking aeroplanes than medicine, but what this means is I understand the importance of your medical, and how your particular type of flying relates to it. 
I am able to perform all classes of CASA medical renewals and medical clearances. I can also perform hearing tests and ECGs on site. 
For more information or to make a booking head to my website aeromed.net.au or give me a call on 1300 093 787. 
I’d very much appreciate it if you could spread the work throughout your local aviation community. I hope to meet you soon.
Kind regards,