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When are club meetings held?

The main club meeting and B-B-Q is held on the second Sunday of each month at 11:00am. Additional meetings and working bees are arranged from time to time and advised on the website and by email.

How much does it cost to join?

The annual membership fee is $95 and allows members full access to club facilities, attendance to club events and voting rights. An initial joining fee for new members of $40 does apply.
CLICK HERE> for Application.  When completed email to hunterflyers@gmail.com.

Do I have to be a pilot to join?

No! We welcome all like minded aviation enthusiasts to join the club. Social members can join for $25.

Are there aircraft syndicates within the group?

Yes! There are a number of members who realise that it is more cost effective to own an aircraft as a small group. So, they have joined together and formed a syndicate or partnership with maybe 1, 2, or 3 other members. Not only is the purchase price more affordable, but so too is the annual running costs. Talk with them!

What about hangarage?

There are numerous hangers next to the club house and all are owned by club members. The hangars are designed to hold 6 aircraft, and generally 6 club members get together and form a hangar syndicate, pool their money and get one built. This doesn't happen instantly, as it often takes a few months or a year to get 6 members together for the next hangar. If you're interested then put your name down on the list.

Is there are training school affiliated with our club?

YES !  The training school is known as 'Recreational Aviation Newcastle' and the Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) is Keith McGeachie. who, is assisted by Leightin Judd.  There is a link to the flying school on our LINK's page.

Are visitors welcome at the meetings and BBQ?

Yes the more the better!

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